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Our Mission

Our fundamental mission is to provide aid to children from needy families in the educational field, allowing them to be able to continue his studies with greater ease. The majority of the low-income families are in many cases unable to send their children to school for lack of necessary to study and basic school supplies. This creates a significant dropout and therefore reduce possibilities that these children can have a better future.

Our societies are increasingly overcrowded, creating belts of misery that result in children abandoned, undernourished and abducted by the vices, violence and drugs. We are convinced that covering the need for school supplies and improving the educational facilities we can provide that families are not forced to leave the formal education of their children for these shortcomings. Thus it is that we can build a more educated society; education is the tool that will take that child to be able to emerge and exit this circle that surrounds it. Well educated societies are which take the reins of the world, that create technology and provide their citizens from a higher quality of life. Education is the engine that drives evolution, the weapon more infallible against underdevelopment, ignorance and poverty.

Unfortunately the Latin America Region is characterized by see education as an expense, not an investment, for which sets budgets low and precarious. Our mission is not to replace the role of Government in society, but please help those less favored families, who want their children to have a better future. It is sad and worrying as families have to choose to send their children to school or put a piece of bread on the table, it is obvious that the instinct for survival of humans will make them desist from the second option. Poverty is an impressive reproductive character, a snowball effect, which increases exponentially in uncontrollable levels, drag and destroys everything that this on its way.

Our purpose is to be able to be part of that growth, stop this snowball by way of consultation, dissemination and awareness raising. Be able to collect that wish to help people in societies more blessed and prosperous and concentrate them in educational institutions abandoned by Governments and part of society, through simple steps such as donations of school supplies, uniforms, computers, books and best furniture and infrastructure where children may be educated comfortably. The learning process should be completed under minimum conditions that will allow children to absorb didactic knowledge and civically engaged.

The following is a fragment of the universal declaration of the rights of the child:

“Children in many countries are invisible beings, but regardless of the piece of land where they were born, these are your rights”.
1. Right to education and to play.
2. Right to a family.
3. Right to preferential health care.
4. Right to not be forced to work.
5. Right to be heard.
6. Right to a name and nationality.
7. Right to food every day.
8. Right of Association and the right to integrate, to become an active part of the society in which they live.
9. Right not to be discriminated against.
10. Right to not be abused: here including forced marriages, sex slaves, child – soldiers.

If we look at the UNESCO reports on population and development in the Latin American countries we will see that a very high percentage of our children can not exercise these basic and inalienable rights to humans. Basic education is essential in the development of the future individual, this is the phase most sensitive and important for a child, here will learn to read, write, interact and integrate into their society. ABC4 Kids Foundation as say it their initials, focuses on this very important moment in the life of all human beings; When we learn to read and write we discover a vast world, we learn to understand and comprehend the ideas of others reflected in books, we learn to leave our thoughts on sheets of paper so that others know what we think. This is the most significant moment in the life and educational development of the human being. Learning to read and write is the key that opens the doors of an unknown and wonderful universe. ABC4Kids Foundation seeks to contribute to making that initial stage of quality and for them is the reason of our Foundation.

Primary education environment and appropriate materials will allow that future citizen to see education as an endless stage in their lives. Learning will be a constant desire that to motivate him to continue, with the help of his family, society and foundations like ours may increase opportunities for growth and success.

It is for them that ABC4Kids Foundation needs the help of all those who have had the opportunity to be educated with core resources and we have continued our education with different support of family and society. We must convert this process positively and multiply it to others who have not been able to have the same fate. With your support we can help that that future citizen does not follow multiplying marginality and ignorance which are the primary foundations of poverty and which stays and feeds. By contrast with your support we can give you the battle, with many grains of sand castles are built, allowing us to continue helping and multiplying the education in these societies devoid of resources.

Gandhi said: “our reward is in the effort and not the result. A full effort is full victory.”

Strive to the maximum to achieve a better future for the next generations and to support those who are struggling because it.

ABC4Kids Foundation
Board of Directors


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