ABC4Kids Foundation celebrated its Annual event in El Transito, Leon, Nicaragua

On December 06th202 ABC4Kids Foundationcelebrated its Annual event in El Transito, Leon, Nicaragua. El Transitois a very small and poor town located in the Pacific Coast of the county. The primary economic activities for the population are tourism and fishing and since the Coronavirus pandemic the impact to this community has been catastrophic with zero tourism and fishmarket.Our annual event was actually a blessing for all those children in the middle of the most difficult time for that community. We gather around 300 kids desesperate to have some fun and to feel like children again. This was a celebration of life and we brought so much happiness to all those less fortunate kidswith Pinatas, refreshments and surprises; donated more than 300 school backpacks filled with school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, color pencils, eraser, rules, calculators andso many more basic itemsto encourages them not to quit institutional education, not to leave their schools just because their parent cannot afford anymore school supplies. It truly was a relief for all those parent doing the impossible to keep their child in the community’s school. Additionally,to that, we granted a Scholarship Award to one fortunate child to improve and continue his education for a better future and pave the idea that education is the only right way to succeed poverty, because Education Mattes.We want to Thankin a very special way to all our amazing Supporters, Donors for theirmonetary help; and to all our valuable volunteers and staff for all the efforts and sacrificesdone to make thisdream happenin favor of this vulnerable Community. We know that December 2020 was magical for El Transito’s children. Thank you also to Nicafundand their staff for allowed us to hold this even on their premises and for all the love invested.



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