ABC4Kids Foundation, 2013 Charity event

In December of 2013, ABC4Kids Foundation put together our annual charitable drive and trip to benefit the kids of an underfunded school in a neighborhood of Managua, Nicaragua. Approximately 250 kids were present and able to benefit. They received Backpacks, pencils, rulers, erasers, notebooks and many other school supplies. The event fulfilled the mission of ABC4Kids Foundation to assist kids who live in poverty to pursue their education. We provided school supplies so that every kid could have the necessary tools that they can use at school and in their studies. This helps ensure that they do not miss school or refrain from doing the work because of the lack of supplies.

We also created excitement which was going above and beyond for the kids. We provided piñatas, music, games and a small snack designed to create lot of happiness and warm smiles

Each backpack that we provided was the culmination of hard work and dedication of many volunteers and staff that was put forward all year. This was made possible due to your monetary contributions. Your contributions not only provided these kids with supplies so that they can continue their studies and dreams of a better future but also provided them with a hope. The backpack symbolized more than just supplies to them.

A million thanks to everyone who generously donated to this noble cause. You listened with your hearts and made a child’s dreams and hopes come life. We also want to thank all the volunteers who took their time and effort to make this event happen. You put a smile on these kids’ faces and you made a difference in their lives.